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TV ListView App - Intro

July 9, 2016

Watch this introduction to a video series on creating a TV ListView App.  The app is a UI geared for large text display and easy selection. This video presents the app -- which will be developed in later videos -- and the design goals.  Upon completing the last video, you will have learned how to extend a ListView using a custom ListCell class.


The source code presented in this video series is a Gradle project found in the zip file below.  The zip file is packaged with the Gradle Wrapper, so no additional installation is required.

TVListApp Source Zip (1.72MB)

To run the demo application without an IDE

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. If on Linux or Mac, run chmod u+x gradlew
  3. If on Linux or Mac, run ./gradlew runFinal
  4. If on Windows, run gradlew.bat runFinal

To run the demo in an IDE as in the video, import the project source as an existing Gradle project.

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By Carl Walker

President and Principal Consultant of Bekwam, Inc