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Subtle Notifications with StackPanes - Part 1 - Design

July 27, 2016

Watch this video series on adding notifications to a working app using the JavaFX component StackPane. The notifications are overlayed onto a corner of the main content. A second usage of StackPanes is also presented to assist with centering content.

This series starts with a working app and adds the notification requirement in two parts. Part 1 - Design adds the UI elements using Scene Builder. Part 2 - Code walks through the JavaFX Controller code.

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The source code presented in this video series is a Gradle project found in the zip file below.  The zip file is packaged with the Gradle Wrapper, so no additional installation is required.

NotifApp Source Zip (73Kb)

To run the demo application without an IDE

  1. Extract the zip file
  2. If on Linux or Mac, run chmod u+x gradlew
  3. If on Linux or Mac, run ./gradlew runFinal
  4. If on Windows, run gradlew.bat runFinal

To run the demo in an IDE as in the video, import the project source as an existing Gradle project.

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By Carl Walker

President and Principal Consultant of Bekwam, Inc